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Citations and Free Notes, 1983 Code of Canon Law, academic studies


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Notwithstanding its ancient roots and ultimate dependence on a stable body of doctrine, canon law undergoes continuous legal development. This development can be authoritative and compelling (in that it proceeds from the organs of ecclesiastical governance and directly binds those concerned with the observance of justice in the Church), or it can be academic yet persuasive (in that it proceeds from the insights of scholars but reliably guides those concerned with the achievement of good order in the Church). While distinguishable, especially in the short run, in themselves, these two mechanisms of canonical development heavily influence each other over time. Tracking, therefore, both the authoritative and the scholarly contributions to canonistics is important for understanding the canon law of the Catholic Church.


This webpage on academic studies and its sister page on authoritative sources serve two purposes.


First, because good canonical writing requires frequent careful citation to a variety of authoritative sources and academic studies, many of which citations are repeated from topic to topic, and because I dislike retyping technical data each time I need it and would prefer not to hunt through prior works in search of citations I used earlier, I have gathered my most-used citations (and then some) into two primary places for convenient copying-and-pasting. Others are welcome to use these pages as they wish.


Second, these pages allow me to make some points about footnoting techniques in general (which are increasingly outdated) and about canonical citation systems in particular (which are inconsistent and oft confusing). Those interested in reflecting more deeply on such matters are invited to [coming] for more discussion, but for now, I simply suggest that the citations presented herein model an efficient citation method for modern canonistics.


Recall, finally, that canon law is an international legal system and that materials in many languages, but especially Latin of course, contribute to its proper implementation. The citations below reflect, nevertheless, my situation as an American canonist with easiest access to materials in English.



Commentary on the Johanno-Pauline Code


Scholarly commentary on canon law may be divided into pan-textual commentary and topical commentary. Citations to Pan-Textual Commentaries on the 1983 Code. Topical commentary on canon law appears in a wide variety of venues.


Enjoying pride of place among topical commentaries are major academic treatises (especially doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses). Next come monographs on specific topics, followed scholarly articles and book reviews in peer-reviewed academic journals. Of course, assertions made in any of these scholarly venues are to be assessed solely in terms of the arguments adduced in support of those views. One should take little (usually, no) account of the personage of the author (a bishop's book on canon law is not "more right" than is a priest's), and the views published in a monograph are not "more right" than those found in an article.


For information on academic treatises (dissertations and theses) on Johanno-Pauline law, go here. The best resource for identifying journal articles in canon law is Canon Law Abstracts. The materials cited below generally do not repeat information available in the above-named venues.



Book I General Norms. Latine

cic 1

Canon 1, Western canon law


Citations to: Introductions, Textbooks, and Popular Treatments of Canon Law.


Citations to materials on Eastern canon law are available at the Master Page on Eastern Canon Law (1990).


cic 2

Canon 2, liturgical law


General commentary on liturgical law includes:

  • John Huels (American layman, 1950-), Liturgy and Law (Wilson & Lafleur, 2006) 249 pp.

  • Annibale Bugnini (Italian Cong. Mission, 1912-1982), The Reform of the Liturgy 1948-1975, (Liturgical Press, 1990) 974 pp., O’Connell trans. of Bugnini's La riforma liturgica 1948-1975 (1983).

  • Willibrod Slaa (Tanzanian layman, 1948-), Liturgical Law (Pontifical Urban Univ., 1983) 331 pp.

  • Kevin Seasoltz (American Benedictine, 1930-2013), New Liturgy New Laws (Liturgical Press, 1980) 257 pp.

  • Thomas Richstatter (American Franciscan, 1939-), Liturgical Law (Franciscan Herald, 1977) 234 pp.

Commentary on the Missale Romanum includes:

  • E. Foley, et al., eds., A Commentary on the [2002] General Instruction of the Roman Missal (Pueblo, 2007) 502 pp.

Canon 2, Tridentine rite

  • Guido Pozzo, "L'Istruzione Universae Ecclesiae nella prospettiva aperta dal m. p. Summorum Pontificum" (14 mai 2011), Communicationes 43 (2011) 201-208.

cic 8

Canon 8, promulgation of law


For examples of law being promulgated other than by publication in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, see, e.g., Johannes Paulus II, m. p. Recognito Iuris Canonici Codice (2 ian 1984), Acta Apostolicae Sedis 76 (1984) 433-434 vel Communicationes 16 (1984) 3-4 and Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, decr. gen. "De delicto attentatae sacrae ordinationis mulieris" (30 mai 2008), Communicationes 40 (2008) 87-88 (both promulgated by publication in L'Osservatore Romano). A more controversial example of promulgation without resort to Acta Apostolicae Sedis would be the 2005 instruction Dignitas connubii on marriage nullity procedures which, despite the failure to make provision for promulgation outside of the Acta as required by Canon 8, appeared first in Apollinaris 78 (2005) 65-136 and later in Communicationes 37 (2005) 11-92, but not in the Acta.


cic 16

Canon 16, authentic interpretation

  • Lawrence Wrenn (American priest, 1928-), Authentic Interpretations on the 1983 Code, (Canon Law Society of America, 1993) 68 pp., Review: M. O'Reilly, Studia Canonica 28 (1994) 278-279.

  • Rosalius Castillo-Lara, "De iuris canonici authentica interpretatione in actuositate pontificiae commissionis adimplenda" (21 ian 1988), Communicationes 20 (1988) 265-287.

cic 30

Canon 30, executive power to issues decrees


For an example of one with executive power being expressly authorized to issue a general decree, see Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, decr. quo ad Poenitentiae sacramentum tuendum (sine die), Acta Apostolicae Sedis 80 (1988) 1367 vel Communicationes 21 (1989) 112. Canones citati hoc in documento: 30, 1388.


cic 17

Canon 17, interpreting canon law.


Indexes of canon law include:

  • Xaverius Ochoa Sanz, Index verborum ac locutionum Codicis iuris canonici [1983], 2d ed., (Commentarium pro Religiosis, 1985) 471 pp.

  • Hartmut Zapp (German layman, 1938-), Codex iuris canonici: Lemmata, Stichwortverzeichnis (Rombach, 1986) 677 pp.

Dictionaries of canon law include:

  • Jean Werckmeister, Petit Dictionnaire de Droit Canonique (Cerf, 2010) 235 pp.

  • S. Haering and H. Schmitz, Lexikon des Kirchenrechts (Herder, 2004) 1229 pp. Review: T. Green, The Jurist 67 (2007) 539-540.

  • C. Corral Salvador et al., eds., Diccionario de Derecho Canonico (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 1989) 693 pp. Reviews: L. Örsy, The Jurist 49 (1989) 723-725; D. Le Tourneau, Studia Canonica 24 (1990) 252-254.

cic 85

Canon 85, dispensation

  • Ruud Huysmans, “The significance of particular law and the nature of dispensation as questions in the rule of papal law”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 37-56.


Book II People of God. Latine.

cic 207

Canon 207, categories of ecclesial membership

  • Julián Herranz, "The juridical status of the laity: the contribution of the conciliar documents and the 1983 Code of Canon Law" (10 oct 1985), Communicationes 17 (1985) 287-315.

  • Yves Congar (French Dominican, 1904-1995), Lay People in the Church, rev. ed., (Newman, 1967) 498 pp., Attwater trans. of Congar’s Jalons pour une théologie du laïcat (1957).

cic 208


cic 231

Canons 208-231, rights and duties of the faithful in general and laity in particular

  • James Coriden (American priest, 1932-), The Rights of Catholics in the Church (Paulist, 2007) 145 pp.

  • Russell Shaw (American layman, 1935-), Understanding Your Rights: your rights and responsibilities in the Catholic Church (Servant, 1994) 226 pp.

  • James Coriden, “Reflections on canonical rights”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 21-36.

cic 211

Canon 211, evangelization




cic 218

Canon 218, theologians

  • Joseph Ratzinger (German prelate, 1927-, later Benedict XVI) , The Nature and Mission of Theology (Ignatius, 1995) 130 pp., Walker trans. of Ratzinger’s Wesen und Auftrag der Theologie (1993).

  • Larry Witham, Curran vs. Catholic University: a study of authority and freedom in conflict (Edington-Rand, 1991) 333 pp.

  • W. May, ed., Vatican Authority and American Catholic Dissent: the Curran case and its consequences (Crossroad, 1987) 205 pp.

  • James Mulligan, Theologians and Authority within the Living Magisterium (Pope John Center, 1986) 139 pp.

  • Christopher Derrick (English layman, 1921-2007) Church Authority and Intellectual Freedom (Ignatius, 1981) 113 pp.

cic 249

Canon 249, seminarian training in languages

  • David Crystal, Linguistics, Language, and Religion (Hawthorn, 1965), 189 pp.

cic 252

Canon 252, education of seminarians




cic 273

Canon 273, clerical reverence and obedience to ordinaries




cic 277

Canon 277, clerical continence and celibacy


Continence and celibacy are related but distinct clerical obligations. See gen. Edward Peters, “Canonical considerations on diaconal continence, Studia Canonica 39 (2005) 147-180.

  • P. Stravinskas, ed., Priestly Celibacy: its Scriptural, historical, spiritual, and psychological roots (Newman House, 2001) 171 pp.

  • Stefan Heid (German priest, b. 1961), Celibacy in the Early Church: the beginnings of a discipline of obligatory continence for clerics in East and West, (Ignatius Press, 2000) 376 pp., Miller trans of Heid's Zölibat in der frühen Kirche: Die Anfänge einer Enthaltsamkeitsplicht für Kleriker in Ost und West (1997).

  • Alfons Maria Stickler (Austrian prelate, 1910-2007), The Case for Clerical Celibacy, (Ignatius Press, 1995) 106 pp., Ferme trans. of Stickler's Seine Entwicklungsgeshichte und seine theologischen Grundlagen (1993).

  • Christian Cochini (French Jesuit, b. 1929), The Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy, (Ignatius Press, 1990) 469 pp., Marans trans. of Cochini's Origens apostoliques du célibat sacerdotal (1981)

  • J. Coppens, ed., Sacerdoce et Célibat: Études Historiques et Théologiques (Gembloux/Peeters, 1971) 752 pp., English edition, Priesthood and Celibacy (Ancora, 1972) 1023 pp.

For citations to more materials dealing clerical continence and celibacy, go here.


cic 294


cic 297

Canon 294-297, personal prelatures

  • Joseph Fox (American Dominican), The Personal Prelature of the Second Vatican Council, in 2 vols., (Angelicum, 1987).

cic 341

Canon 341, decrees of ecumenical councils


Henry Schroeder (American Dominican, 1875-1942), Disciplinary Decrees of the General Councils [Nicaea through Fifth Lateran]: text, translation, and commentary (Herder, 1937) 669 pp.


cic 342


cic 346


cic 348

Canon 342-348, Synod of Bishops

  • Antonio Indelicato, Il Sinodo dei Vescovi: la collegialitá sospesa 1965-1985 (Mulino, 2008) 401 pp.

  • Nikola Eterović, ed., Il Sinodo dei Vescovi: 40 anni di storia, 1965-2005 (Lateran, 2005) 232 pp.

  • François Dupré la Tour, Le Synode des Évêques dans le contexte de la collégialité (Pontificia Universitas Sanctae Crucis, 2002) 353 pp.

  • Maurizio Bravi, Il Sinodo dei Vescovi: instituzione, fini, e natura (Gregoriana, 1995) 397 pp.

  • John Johnson (American priest, 1949-), The Synod of Bishops: an analysis of its legal development (Catholic University of America, 1986) 527 pp.

  • Daniel Foley (American priest, 1935-), The Synod of Bishops: its canonical structure and proceedings (Catholic University of America, 1973) 278 pp.

  • René Laurentin, Le Synode Permanent: Naissance et Avenir, (Éditions du Seuil, 1970) 255 pp.

For additional materials on the Synod of Bishops, go here.


cic 360


cic 361

 Canons 360-361, the Roman Curia

  • Niccolò Del Re, (Italian layman, b. 1914) La Curia Romana: Lineamenta Storico-Giuridici (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 4th ed., 1998) 705 pp.

  • Michael Martin (American Jesuit, 1846-1915) The Roman Curia as It Now Exists (Benziger, 1913) 423 pp.

cic 362

Canon 362, legates of the Roman Pontiff

  • Tharcicio Bertone, "La diplomazia del Papa tra realismo e profezia" (26 sep 2012), Communicationes 44 (2012) 445-449.

cic 381

Canon 381, arch/diocesan arch/bishops

  • Thomas Reese (American Jesuit, =), Archbishop: Inside the Power Structure of the American Catholic Church (Harper & Row, 1989) 401 pp.

  • Julián Herranz, "The personal power of governance of the diocesan bishop" (15 oct 1987), Communicationes 20 (1988) 288-310.

  • George Kelly (American priest, 1916-2004) The Crisis of Authority: John Paul II and the American bishops (Regnery, 1982) 115 pp.

cic 447


cic 452


cic 459

Canons 447-459, episcopal conferences

  • Thomas Green, “The Church’s sanctifying mission: some aspects of the role of episcopal conferences”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 57-88. bis.

  • T. Reese, ed., Episcopal Conferences: Historical, Canonical, & Theological Studies (Georgetown, 1989) 296 pp.

  • Rosalius Castillo Lara, "De episcoporum conferentiarum praesidentia", Communicationes 19 (1987) 94-98.

cic 511


cic 514

Canons 511-514, diocesan pastoral council

  • Roch Pagé (Canadian priest, b. 1939), The Diocesan Pastoral Council, (Newman 1970) 170 pp., Prince trans. of Pagé's Le conseil diocésain de pastorale (1969). Review: J. Hayden, The Jurist 32 (1972) 148-150.


Book II, Part III Consecrated Life

  • J. Hite, et al., A Handbook on Canons 573-746 (Liturgical Press, 1985) 400 pp.

cic 604

Canon 604, consecrated virginity

  • René Metz, La Consécration des Vierges: hier, aujourd’hui, demain (Cerf, 2001) 256 pp.

  • René Metz, La Consécration des Vierges dans L’Église Romaine (Presses Universitaires de France, 1954) 501 pp.


Book III Teaching Office. Latine.


Scholarly commentary includes:

  • Avery Dulles (American Jesuit, 1918-2008), Magisterium: Teacher and Guardian of the Faith (Sapientia Press, 2007) 209 pp.

  • Francis Sullivan (American Jesuit, 1922-), Magisterium: Teaching Authority in the Catholic Church (Gill & Macmillan, 1983) 234 pp.

  • Ladislaus Orsy (Hungarian/American Jesuit, 1921-), The Church: Learning and Teaching (Glazier, 1987) 172 pp.

cic 747

Canon 747, teaching mission of the Church

  • Rodger Charles (English Jesuit, 1929-), The Social Teaching of Vatican II: Its Origin and Development (Ignatius, 1982) 569 pp.

cic 749

Canon 749, charism of infallibility


Although delivered at Vatican I as the private opinion of a leading prelate, today Gasser's Report (Relatio) enjoys quasi-official character, being cited in, for example, Lumen gentium 25. See generally Vincenz Gasser (Austrian prelate, 1809-1879), Relatio “Magno cum moerore” (11 iul 1870), in J. Mansi, ed., Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio, (Akademische Druck – U. Verlagsanstalt, 1961) 52: 1204-1232, Eng. trans., in J. O’Connor, ed., The Gift of Infallibility (Ignatius, 2008) 21-89.

  • J. O’Connor, ed., The Gift of Infallibility (Ignatius, 2008) 158 pp.

  • Margaret O'Gara, Triumph in Defeat: Infallibility, Vatican I, and the French minority bishops (Catholic University of America, 1988) 296 pp.

cic 755

Canon 755, ecumenical activities

  • Adriano Garuti (Italian Franciscan, 1938-2008), Primacy of the Bishop of Rome, and the Ecumenical Dialogue (Ignatius, 2004) 339 pp., Miller trans. of Garuti’s Primato del Vescovo di Roma e Dialogo Ecumenico (2000).

cic 773


cic 780

Canons 773-780, catechetical instruction

  • Michael Wrenn (American priest, 1936-2008), Catechisms and Controversies: religious education in the postconciliar years (Ignatius, 1991) 237 pp.

Other resources include:

  • Ludwig Ott (German priest, 1906-1985), Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Lynch trans. of Ott's Grundriß der Katholischen Dogmatik (1952), (Herder, 1957) 523 pp.

  • The Catechism of the Council of Trent, Donovan trans., (Baltimore: Fielding Lucas, 1829) 413 pp.

cic 806


Canon 806, authority over Catholic schools

  • Piet Stevens, “The competence for making rules regarding Catholic formation and Catholic schools”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 120-141.

cic 807


cic 814

Canon 807-814, Catholic universities

  • J. Langan, ed., Catholic Universities in Church and Society: a Dialogue on Ex Corde Ecclesiae (Georgetown, 1993) 261 pp.

  • James Conn (American Jesuit), Catholic Universities in the United States and Ecclesiastical Authority (Gregorian, 1991) 346 pp.

cic 833

Canon 833, Profession of Faith

  • Ladislaus Örsy (Hungarian/American Jesuit, 1921-), The Profession of faith and the Oath of Fidelity (Glazier, 1990) 71 pp.


Book IV Sanctifying Office. Latine.



Commentary includes

  • Thomas Green, “The Church’s sanctifying mission: some aspects of the role of episcopal conferences”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 57-88. bis

cic 850

Canon 850, rite of baptism

  • Urbano Navarrete, "Le conseguenze canoniche e pastorali [de responsa 1 feb 2008]", Communicationes 40 (2008) 115-119.

cic 897

Canon 897, the Eucharist

  • Julián Herranz, "La Eucharistía en el Ordenamiento Jurídico de la Iglesia" (12 nov 2005), Communicationes 37 (2005) 154-174.

cic 915

Canon 915, eligibility for public reception of holy Communion


For extensive citations to materials on Canon 915, go here.


cic 928

Canon 928, liturgical languages

  • Cyril Korolevsky [Francois Charon], (Byzantine priest, 1878-1959), Living Languages in Catholic Worship, (Newman, 1957) 195 pp., Attwater trans. of Korolevsky’s Liturgie en Langue Vivante (1955).

cic 992


cic 996

Canons 992-996, indulgences

  • Edward Peters (American layman, 1957-), A Modern Guide to Indulgences, (Liturgy Training Publications, 2008) 115 pp.

cic 1008


cic 1009

Canons 1008-1009, divine institution of three ranks of Orders

  • Gerhard Müller (German prelate, b. 1947), Priesthood and Diaconate (Ignatius, 2002) 246 pp., Miller trans. of Müller’s Der Empfänger des Weilhesakramentes in schöpfungstheologischer und christlogischer Perspective (2000).

  • Jean Galot (Belgian Jesuit, 1919-2008), Theology of the Priesthood (Ignatius, 1985) 274 pp., Balducelli trans. of Galot’s Teologia del sacerdozio (1981).


Book IV, Part I, Title VI Orders

  • William Woestman (American Oblate Mary Immac., b. 1929), The Sacrament of Orders and the Clerical State: A Commentary on the Code of Canon Law [1999], (St. Paul University, 2nd ed., 2001) 448 pp.

  • Gerhard Müller (German prelate, b. 1947), Priesthood and Diaconate (Ignatius, 2002) 246 pp., Miller trans. of Müller’s Der Empfänger des Weilhesakramentes in schöpfungstheologischer und christlogischer Perspective (2000).

  • Rik Torfs, “Holding companies and holy Orders: reflections on a number of remarkable similarities”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 141-172.

  • Jean Galot (Belgian Jesuit, 1919-2008), Theology of the Priesthood (Ignatius, 1985) 274 pp., Balducelli trans. of Galot’s Teologia del sacerdozio (1981).

cic 1024

Canon 1024, eligibility for orders

  • Manfred Hauke (German priest, b. 1956), Women in the Priesthood?, (Ignatius, 1988) 497 pp., Kipp trans. of Hauke’s Die Problematik um das Frauenpriestertum vor dem Hintergrund der Schöpfungs- und Erlösungordnung (1986).

  • Aimé Georges Martimort (French priest, 1911-2000), Deaconesses: an historical study, (Ignatius, 1986) 268 pp., Whitehead trans. of Les Diaconesses: Essai historique (1982).


Book IV, Part I, Title VII Marriage


The canonico-theological literature on marriage is vast, but includes:

  • Ramón García de Haro, Marriage and the Family in the Documents of the Magisterium (Ignatius, 1993) 435 pp., May trans. of de Haro’s Matrimonio & Famiglia nei Documenti del Magisterio (1989).

  • John McAreavey, The Canon Law of Marriage and the Family (Four Courts, 1997) 254 pp. Reviews: J. Beal, The Jurist 57 (1997) 606-607, and L. Robitaille, Studia Canonica 32 (1998) 557-559.

  • Ignatius Gramunt (1932-), Javier Hervada (1934-), and LeRoy Wauck (American layman, 1920-2009), Canons and Commentaries on Marriage (Liturgical Press, 1987) 198 pp.

  • Ladislas Örsy (Hungarian Jesuit, 1921-), Marriage in Canon Law (Glazier, 1986) 328 pp. Reviews: M. Thériault, Studia Canonica 20 (1986) 467-469.

Older but important works include:

  • Edward Schillebeeckx (Belgian Dominican, 1914-2009), Marriage: Human Reality and Saving Mystery, in 2 vols., (Sheed & Ward, 1965), Smith trans. of Schillebeeckx's Het Huwelijk: aardse werkelijkheid en heilsmysterie (1963).

  • George Joyce (English Jesuit, 1864-1943), Christian Marriage: an historical and doctrinal study (Sheed & Ward, 1933) 632 pp.

  • Adhémar Esmein (French layman, 1848-1913), Le Mariage en Droit Canonique, in 2 vols., [1891], 2nd ed. rev. by R. Génestal, (Recueil Sirey, 1929).

  • Pietro Gasparri (Roman prelate, 1852-1934), Tractatus Canonicus de Matrimonio, in 2 vols., [1892], 9th ed., (Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis, 1932).

  • Tomás Sánchez (Spanish Jesuit, 1550-1610), Disputationum de S[ancto] Matrimonii Sacramento, [c. 1605] in 2 vols., (Venetiis: Apud Ioannem Guerilium, 1613).

cic 1061

Canon 1061, consummation of marriage

  • Donald Asci, The Conjugal Act as a Personal Act (Ignatius, 2002) 364 pp.

cic 1063

Canon 1063

  • James Provost, “Marriage preparation: Canon 1063 and the novus habitus mentis”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 173-192.

cic 1117

Canon 1117

  • Francisco Coccopalmerio, Articulus explanans Motum proprium 'Omnium in mentem' (16 dec 2009), Communicationes 41 (2009) 334-337 (Italian text).

cic 1134

Canon 1134

  • Jean Bernard, “The conjugal bond in the Code of Canon Law”, in Ius Sequitur (1991) 160-172.


Book V Temporal Goods. Latine.




Book VI Sanctions. Latine.


Scholarly commentary includes:

  • William Woestman (American Oblate Mary Immac., 1929-), Ecclesiastical Sanctions and the Penal Process (St. Paul’s University, 2000) 290 pp.

  • Alphonse Borras (Belgian priest, 1951-), Les Sanctions dans L'Église (Tardy, 1990) 236 pp.

  • Antonio Calabrese, Diritto Penale Canonico (Edizioni Paoline, 1990) 318 pp. Review: M. O'Reilly, Studia Canonica 31 (1997) 523-524.

  • Velasio de Paolis (Italian prelate, 1935-), De Sanctionibus in Ecclesia: Adnotationes in Codicem, Liber VI, (Gregoriana, 1986) 133 pp.

cic 1313

Canon 1313, application of more favorable law


For examples of penalties being remitted upon the change of the substantival law underlying the penalties see, e.g., Congregation for Bishops, private reply to NCCB petition of May 4, 1977 (22 oct 1977), Canon Law Digest VIII:1213-1214 or Origins 6/48 (19 mai 1977) 765-766, Origins 7/4 (16 iun 1977) 56, and Origins 7/23 (24 nov1977) 354, lifting the excommunication of those who, contrary to legislation of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore (1884), attempted civil marriage after divorce, and Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, decr. Post editam (15 nov 1966), Acta Apostolicae Sedis 58 (1966) 1186, Eng. trans., Canon Law Digest VI: 817-818, abrogating Canons 1399 and 2318 of the Pio-Benedictine Code (basically, the “Index of Forbidden Books”) and immediately absolving those who might have incurred censures thereunder.


cic 1331

Canon 1331, excommunication

  • Alphonse Borras (Belgian priest, b. 1951), L'Excommunication dans le nouveau code de droit canonique (Desclée, 1990) 350 pp.

cic 1358

Canon 1358, remission of censures


The remission of excommunications exchanged between Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras I in 1965 might be offered as an example of censures being vacated without their goals having been achieved. See Paul VI, ap. lit. Caritatis officia erga Ecclesiam Constantinopolitanam (7 dec 1965), Acta Apostolicae Sedis 58 (1966) 40-41. The sui generis character of Catholic-Orthodox relations, however, makes attempting to draw any lessons from this incident very difficult. A better example of the gratuitous remission of censures is probably the decision made in 2009 by Benedict XVI to remit the censures of the bishops illicitly ordained by Abp. Marcel Lefebvre in 1988. See generally Edward Peters, "Benedict XVI's remission of the Lefebvrite excommunications: an analysis and alternative explanation", Studia Canonica 45 (2011) 165-189, reprinted in Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland Newsletter, 172 (Dec 2012) 1, 8-29.


cic 1367

Canon 1367, crimes against the Sacred Species

  • Julián Herranz, "Tutela della Santissima Eucaristia" (sine die), Communicationes 31 (1999) 38-41, Eng. trans. Communicationes 31 (1999) 42-45, auf Deutsch Communicationes 31 (1999) 46-49. Canones citati hoc in documento: 16, 897, 898, 1367. Canones implicati hoc in documento: 1314.

cic 1382

 Canon 1382, illicit episcopal ordinations

  • E. Peters, "Benedict XVI's remission of the Lefebvrite excommunications: an analysis and alternative explanation", Studia Canonica 45 (2011) 165-189; Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland Newsletter, 172 (Dec 2012) 1, 8-29.

cic 1398

Canon 1398, abortion

  • John Connery, (American Jesuit, 1913-1987) Abortion: The Development of the Roman Catholic Perspective (Loyola, 1977) 336 pp.


Book VII Procedures. Latine.

cic 1403

Canon 1403, beatification and canonization

  • W. Woestman, ed., Canonization: Theology, History, Process (St. Paul Univ., 2002) 383 pp. Reviews: G. Nedungatt, Studia Canonica 37 (2003) 248-251, F. Easton, The Jurist 63 (2003) 208-209.

  • Kenneth Woodward, Making Saints (Simon & Schuster, 1990) 461 pp.

cic 1443


cic 1444

Canons 1443-1444

  • A. Mendonça, ed., Rotal Anthology: an annotated index of Rotal decisions from 1971 to 1988 (Canon Law Society of America, 1992) 771 pp.

  • John Noonan, Power to Dissolve: lawyers and marriages in the courts of the Roman curia (Harvard, 1972) 489 pp.

For more information on the Roman Rota, go here.


cic 1445

Canon 1445, Apostolic Signatura

  • P. Bonnet & C. Gullo, eds., La Lex Propria del S.T. della Segnatura Apostolica (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2010) 504 pp. Review: W. Daniel, Studia Canonica 46 (2012) 259-261.

  • John Coughlin (American Franciscan, b. 1954), Administrative Justice at the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and the United States Supreme Court: a comparative study (Gregorianum, 1994) 366 pp.

  • Francisco Daneels, "La nuova 'Lex propria' del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica", Communicationes 40 (2008) 336-341.


Book VII, Part III, Title I Marriage Procedures, Canons 1673-1691

  • William Woestman (American Oblate Mary Immac., 1929-), Special Marriage Cases (St. Paul University, 1990) 237 pp. Review: J. Parizek, The Jurist 54 (1994) 784-787.

Dicasterial commentary on Dignitas:

  • aa. vv., Presentatio[nes] Instructionis 'Dignitas connubii", Communicationes 37 (2005) 93-106 (Italian texts).

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Scholarly commentary includes:

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