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To work for the proper implementation of canon law is to play an extraordinarily

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Introductions, Popular Treatments, and Textbooks on Canon Law


The following is a list of general introductions or overviews of canon law as a legal system in service to the Catholic Church. Listed (usually) in reverse chronological order. Complete beginners might well start with one or more of my short essays:


A Catechist's Introduction to Canon Law (1997)

A Simple Overview of Canon Law (1994)

What Canon Lawyers Are and Aren't (1991)


1983 Code



  • James Coriden (American priest, b. 1932), Canon Law as Ministry: Freedom and Good Order for the Church, (Paulist, 2000) 205 pp.

  • Joseph Martín de Agar, Handbook on Canon Law,  (Wilson & Lafleur, 1999) 268 pp., = trans of de Agar's Elementi di Diritto canonico (1996). Reviews: W. Brown, Studia Canonica 35 (2001) 252-255; A. Morin, Studia Canonica 35 (2001) 255-256 (French); and D. Zwifka, The Jurist 62 (2002) 216-218. Order it here.

  • Lawrence Spiteri, The Code in the Hands of the Laity (Alba House, 1997) 224 pp. Review: =. Order it here.

  • James Coriden (American priest, b. 1932), An Introduction to Canon Law (Paulist, 1991) 232 pp. Reviews: P. Cogan, Studia Canonica 26 (1992) 265, and R. Cunningham, The Jurist 51 (1991) 232-233.

  • Jordan Hite (American, 3rd Ord. Regular, b. 1938) and Daniel Ward (Benedictine, b. 1944), Readings, Cases, Materials in Canon Law: a Textbook for Ministerial Students, rev ed., (Liturgical Press, 1990) 493 pp. Reviews: J. Huels, The Jurist 50 (1990) 656-657; and R. Cunningham, The Jurist 50 (1990) 657-659.

  • E. Rinere, ed., New Law New Life (CLSA, 1985) = pp.

  • John Huels (American layman, b. 1950), The Faithful of Christ: the New Canon Law for the Laity (Franciscan Herald, 1983) 118 pp.

  • J. Provost, ed., Code, Community, Ministry: Selected studies for the parish minister introducing the revised Code of Canon Law (CLSA, 1983) 116 pp.


  • Daniel Cenlamor & Jorge Miras, El Derecho de la Iglesia: Curso Básico de Derecho Canónico [2004), 2nd ed., from Cenlamor-Miras, Il Diritto della Chiesa, Corso di Diritto Canonico [2005], (Eunsa, 2005) 573 pp. Review: E. Peters, Studia Canonica 40 (2006) 540-542.


  • Daniel Cenlamor & Jorge Miras, Il Diritto della Chiesa, Corso di Diritto Canonico (Universitŕ della Santa Croce, 2005) 528 pp.

1917 Code

Emile Jombart (= Jesuit, 1881-1964), Summary of Canon Law, trans. R. Bégin., (Benziger, 1960) 232 pp. Reviews: F. McManus, The Jurist 21 (1961) 283; P. Fedele, Ephemerides Iuris Canonici 7 (1951) 90-91 (of French version).


René Metz, What is Canon Law?, trans. M. Derrick (Hawthorn, 1960) 157 pp. Review: B. Deutsch, The Jurist 20 (1960) 359-360.