Dr. Edward Peters 

To work for the proper implementation of canon law is to play an extraordinarily

constructive role in continuing the redemptive mission of Christ. Pope John Paul II







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14 apr 2016

Curriculum vitae: Edward N. Peters, JD, JCD, Ref. Sig. Ap.


Canon Law is a vital component of ecclesiastical stability and renewal in the Catholic Church. Canon law possesses its own heritage and methodology but ultimately it derives its values from the teaching Church. In an engaging and respectful manner, I present canon law as a juridic component of a well-rounded theological education.


Dr. Edward N. Peters

Sacred Heart Major Seminary

2701 Chicago Boulevard

Detroit MI 48206-1799






Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (Board, 2014-2016)


Consociatio Internatio-

nalis Studio Iuris Canonici Promovendo


Canon Law Society of Great Britain & Ireland


University Faculty

for Life


Midwest Canon

Law Society


Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit MI, Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair, since 2005. Licentiate Courses: Particular Church, Teaching Office, The Synod of Bishops; Masters Courses: Canon Law; Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Liturgy & Sacraments, Introduction to the Catholic Church, Beginning Ecclesiastical Latin, Intermediate Ecclesiastical Latin.

  • Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, Rome, Referendary, since 2010.

  • Synod of Bishops, Expert to XIII Ordinary General Assembly, Rome, October 2012.

  • Religious Sign Committee, National Catholic Office for the Deaf, Member, 2006-2011.

(Graduate) Institute for Pastoral Theology, Ann Arbor MI, 2001-2005. Masters Courses: Canon Law, Canonical Structures, Liturgy & Sacraments, Ecclesiastical Latin.


Diocese of San Diego, CA, 1992-2001. Director of the Office for Canonical Affairs, Defender of the Bond and Collegial Judge (First & Second Instance), Of Counsel to the Office for Civil Affairs. University of Dallas, TX. Adjunct lecturer in canon law, 1995-2001 (Masters).


Diocese of Duluth, MN, 1985-1992. Chancellor, Defender of the Bond (First and Second Instance), Coordinator of Civil Affairs, 1990-1992. Assistant to the Bishop (in studies) 1985-1990.



J. C. D., School of Canon Law, The Catholic University of America, 1991. Dissertation: "Penal procedural law in the 1983 Code of canon law". Director, Thomas Green. Johannes Quasten Fellow, 1988-1991.


J. C. L., School of Canon Law, The Catholic University of America, 1988. Thesis: "Preliminary procedural considerations in the application of ecclesiastical penalties", Director, Elizabeth McDonough, op. Archdiocese of Washington DC, Tribunal intern, Summer 1988.

Caldwell Hall at CUA



J. D., School of Law, University of Missouri at Columbia, 1982. Teaching Assistant, Legal Research & Writing, 1981-1982. Missouri Bar Association, admitted 1982, active status out-of-state through 2008.


B. A. (Political Science), College of Arts & Sciences, St. Louis University, May 1979. Musicianship award (woodwinds), four years. Intern, St. Louis County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Summer 1978.

Tate Hall at Mizzou




Diploma, Chaminade College Preparatory High School, Creve Coeur, MO, May 1975. Cardinal Circle and John Phillip Souza National Band awards. Eagle Scout, BSA, July 1975.

Monographs: Scholarly

A Modern Guide to Indulgences, Foreword by Abp. Timothy M. Dolan, (Hillenbrand Books, Liturgy Training Publications, 2008) 115 pp., info here.


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Some canonical considerations on pastoral ministry to Catholics experiencing same-sex attraction, forthcoming.


The revision of the penal law of the Catholic Church, forthcoming.


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Attestations (selected):

Dr. Edward N. Peters, a devoted and highly qualified student of Canon Law, has provided, in his Incrementa in Progressu 1983 Codicis Iuris Canonici, an invaluable tool for knowing the mind of the Legislator ... Those who are concerned with the right understanding and correct application of the canons of Church discipline owe a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Peters for his latest work of canonical scholarship. For me, a pastor of the Church, Dr. Peters’ Incrementa will be a standard reference work. Abp. Raymond Burke.


Researchers honor the memory of the late indefatigable Xavier Ochoa, who complied concordances to the conciliar documents and the 1983 Code, as well as the Leges Ecclesiae. Edward Peters is a benefactor in the same tradition. Fr. George Stuart


I recently heard it suggested that Edward Peters was 'the Roman Catholic Gerald Bray'. In many ways this is true. Both have undertaken momentous tasks which most of us would never wish to undertake ourselves, but we are continuously grateful that someone else has already done it for us. Paul Barber, barrister.


Dr. Peters should now himself be included among the important contributors in English to the study of the 1917 Code. It is difficult to envisage his volume ever being replaced by that of a different author .... Rev. Robert Ombres, op.


Edward Peters has a penchant for providing incredibly useful tools for the practice and study of canon law. Ben Nguyen, Chancellor




Bibliographer of Catholic Deaf Sources and Studies


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Dr. Peters has developed one of the largest private collections of canon law in the United States (approx 3,000 volumes). He serves as a consultant to a wide variety of ecclesiastical institutions and persons, and is a very frequently quoted source in Catholic print and electronic media.


On a more personal level, he, his wife Angela, and their six children (ages 29-18), enjoy and contribute to the liberal arts and campus & community life. Their activities include American Sign Language, theatre and classic cinema, and alternative learning opportunities. They have hosted such things as musical recitals, Latin classes, dramatic readings, book clubs, star parties, and youth chess clubs.


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