Dr. Edward Peters 

To work for the proper implementation of canon law is to play an extraordinarily

constructive role in continuing the redemptive mission of Christ. Pope St. John Paul II







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 24 January 2018

Master Page for Dr. Peters' Sacred Heart Major Seminary Students






Canon Law Courses

Licentiate Courses

  • The Synod of Bishops STL 925

  • Teaching Office STL 949

Other Courses

  • Latin for Graduate Students LA 500

  • MA / STL Thesis Direction

  • Undergraduate Latin I, II, III, IV

Other Activities

  • Language Tables (see below)

  • Language Tutoring (see below)





Besides requirements set out in the SHMS Bulletins, the following points apply to all of my courses:


 • A syllabus is a guide, not a contract.


 • No recordings of any kind may be made in any of my classes; course materials are for use by currently enrolled students only, all other rights reserved.


 • My classes are conducted in English. Students may submit written course work to me in English, Latin, Spanish, or French.


 • Materials designated "Required Readings" are not necessarily lectured upon but, besides helping to illuminate the materials under discussion, they contribute to the corpus of materials from which exams will draw. "Background Readings" are optional.


 • Questions that pertain to course topics are welcomed but those oriented toward personal or professional issues tend to engage my practice of canon law and are not appropriate during a teacher-student relationship. No comments I make in class should be taken as canonical or civil legal advice.


 • A partial indulgence is available to those who, in the performance of their daily duties (e.g., students tending to their studies), strive to unite themselves more closely with God (Enchiridion 1999, gen. conc. 1) and, more specifically, to those who engage in the study of 'Christian doctrine' (Enchiridion 1999, al. conc. 6) such as are most of the matters addressed in most of my courses.





Students engaged in college and/or graduate level, Roman Catholic, philosophical and/or theological studies should, I suggest, have easy access to the following works:


 • The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, prep. by Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain [1966], (Ignatius, 1994) xvi + 1005 + 250 pp.


 • Catechism of the Catholic Church [1992], 2nd ed. (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1997) 904 pp.


 • Henrich Denzinger (German priest, 1819-1883), Enchiridion or Compendium of Creeds, Definitions, and Declarations on Matters of Faith and Morals [1854], 43rd ed., (Ignatius, 2012) 1399 pp., Latin-English edition supervised by R. Fastiggi & A. Nash.


 • Henry Schroeder (American Dominican, 1875-1942), Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent: Original Text with English Translation (Herder, 1941) 608 pp.


 • St. Thomas Aquinas (Dominican priest, 1225-1274), Summa Theologica [c. 1265-1273] in 3 vols., (Benziger, 1947-1948), English Dominican Province translation.


 • Ludwig Ott (German priest, 1906-1985), Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma [1955], 2nd ed., (Herder, 1957), 523 pp., J. Bastible trans. of Ott’s Grundriss der Katholischen Dogmatik (1952).




Zenon Cdl. Grocholewski

Prefect, Congregation for

Catholic Education

Congregatio de Institutione Catholica (de Seminariis atque Studiorum Institutis) attentis litteris commendatitiis Rev.mi Vicarii nomine Magistri Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Praedicatorum, Magni Cancellarii, legitime praesentantis; perpensis titulis quibus candidatus aptus qui doceat demonstratur; cum compererit eundem iuxta praescripta vigentis academicae Ecclesiae legis cooptatum esse; ad normam tum art. 27 § 2 Constitutionis Apostolicae Sapientia christiana, tum peculiarium Statutorum, pro munere declarat Nihil Obstare, ad se quod pertinent, quominus Clar.mus D.nus Eduardus PETERS Iuris Canonici Doctor atque Iuris Doctor, DOCENS STABILIS in Seminario Theologico Maioris Detroitensis a Sacratissimo Corde nuncupato et Facultati Theologicae Ponitificiae Universitatis Sancti Thomae Aquinatis in Urge aggregato nominetur et renuntietur.


Datum Romae, ex aedibus eiusdem Congregationis, die XIV mensis Septembris, in festivitate Exaltationis sanctae Crucis, a.D. MMVI. N…442/2006/8. /s/ Zenon Grocholewski, Praefectus /s/ Vincentius Zani, Subsecretarius


Language Tables


I have organized and/or participate in lunch time "Language Tables" for ASL, Latin, and French. Offerings vary by semester. All skill levels are welcome! No reservations needed.


Winter 2018, French Lunch, tba, Thomas More dining room. Gospel of the day is distributed, read, and discussed. Conversation and grammar points as circumstances suggest.



ASL Practice

I am available to assist students who are studying ASL. Practice times are flexible. And do check out Fr. MD's "Kitchen Table", weekly homilies in ASL with English voice-over.


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